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Due to the nature of our business, the production schedule, and the items we need to have on hand to create Greenbites , we are unable to cancel your order after it has been placed. This includes refunds. Our ordering process is a multi-step Handcrafted process, and designed purposefully to eliminate incorrect, or orders made by mistake. By submitting your order, you are agreeing to these terms, and understand these conditions.

Contact us directly to : email: greenbitesgo@hotmail.com Chat Box (BOTTOM Right of main page) Live customer service available Monday-Saturday

No, unless you leave a note at checkout we opt in reducing waste always, all labels are mention below each item and items are baked fresh and shipped, we DO NOT prepackage items all is BAKED FRESH!

No, due to items been vegan without animal products they have an extended shelflife without refrigeration, ice would melt during shipping process and wet our biodegradable capsules.

Please make sure to add your discount codes at checkout. We understand that this can be frustrating, so please make sure to check your discount code before hitting submit!

Your order will arrive at room temperature (we recommend refrigerating after opening order for freshness- warm up when needed) since handcrafted and baked fresh all will be packaged carefully. Shelf life for items are over 2 months air sealed inside fridge (freezing recommended for cookie sandwiches, Plantbased bars and brownies only if long time in fridge ) , no need to worry about them been in bad condition just thaw, warm and enjoy ! for any question in your order please email greenbitesgo@hotmail.com within 24 hours your order is recieved.

Not at the moment as shipping there will be over 75$ fee+ tax but for information please messages us at greenbitesgo@hotmail.com we would love to make your bites dreams happen for you!

We are unable to resend the products to you if you put the wrong address, and they've already been shipped. UPS/USPS are unable to refund, reimburse or replace orders that have improper or incorrect addresses for delivery. Please verify your shipment information before submitting your order. Should you notice an error after placing the order, it is your responsibility to contact us AS SOON AS YOU NOTICE so we can attempt to fix the issue before your product ships.

All orders are shipped together per order, If you'll like separate capsules please order each order separate for our team to fullfil order properly (we cannot ship different boxes together as USPS will return to sender, we do not takes risk with shipping as all shipping orders are not refunded unless claim and transfer to us is complete in full in order to fullfil orders again)

We baked your goods! But we do use USPS help to deliver nationwide for claims after your tracking number is been checked after been ship, file a claim for any issues as packaged lost, box completely broken or destroid, or any issues that need delivery attention please file a claim to https://www.usps.com/help/claims.htm

No, if usps loses, fails or cannot give you any feedback about your order. 1. File claim 2. Recieve reinvestment from usps/ups 3. Communicate with greenbitesgo@hotmail.com for transfer (usps reinvestment check/money order , for losing product we already baked, packaged and shipped) 4. Once transfer is made to us, we will ship new order fresh ASAP . We cannot ship orders without transfers due to high costs of goods , inflation at its highest , extra usps shipping label fee (14.45$ for priority orders) ,our dedicated team work with the highest quality ingredients for our bites, we appreciate all our costumers and the patience of any error due to usps.

If missing an item simply 24 hours after arrival please take a picture of the items in your box, and send us a full picture of all items missing, we will double check in our end to ensure the error as all is double check with our preparation team, missing items can be shipped or added to next shipment once reviewed. email all info to greenbitesgo@hotmail.com

Fresh organic products are used here and baked fresh is what we do, most factory bars and snacks use citric acid, calcium propionate and tert-butylhydroquinone (TBHQ) all cancer causing ingredients. We take pride to bake each order and ship to you but fresh food does go bad if handled wrong. -Do not leave your order sitting for days after been shipped, as soon order arrives please check tracking/ expect order and refrigerate immediately after been delivered. -If any products seem to have clear mold please set aside take a picture(24 hours within getting shipment for us to review any errors) -Email to greenbitesgo@hotmail.com We are here to make your order right please help us follow this guidelines to ensure you a happy experience with us.

If your order was damaged you must write in immediately in 24 hours with the require picture documentation of the damage to greenbitesgo@hotmail.com Our customers mean the world to us and we will make sure you'll be taken care of, be patient and wait for a review.

-Once order is received we handcraft every order(4-5 handling day depending on overall company demand , this is not a mass produce product like 99% of bars in the market ) -Big orders, pies and special notes will take its time as we do not use mass factory equipment to make thousands of this products (for priority orders contact us via instagram, facebook or email to add a note to order for optimization for delivery) -Packaging and creating label (email will be sent to you, make sure your junk is checked for you to have an idea which day order will arrive ) -We ship daily dozens of orders, please know that we are serving all U.S.A., Hawaii and Puerto Rico and our demand only grows, is highly recommended to order in time (Next day shipping to your door, DO NOT EXCIST) -Handling 4-5 days (as 2023)/ shipping 2-5 days (USPS/ UPS shipping) CHECK EMAIL for updates Disclaimer: All orders will be shipped in order received, times are not guarantee due to high demand of products, highly recommended to order beforehand and communicate priority orders.

Yes we do from Naples, Florida to Hawaii, Puerto Rico and even Alaska loves this goodies! You cannot beat FRESH-BAKED!!

https://www.usps.com/help/claims.htm package inside the U.S. that was lost, damaged, or had broken or missing pieces. We strive our best to fulfill orders All over USA please let usps know if your order didn't arrive at set standards / if claim don't work we recommend going to the nearest USPS near you to speak with represent.

🍪Bars, cookies and brownies : 2 months in sealed container inside fridge / Freeze possible 🍩Rolls: 3 weeks in sealed container inside fridge / do not freeze Best eating room temperature / keep off direct sunlight, storage in fresh area or fridge. Nationwide shipping: Recommended to refrigerate as soon as shipped please follow guidelines. Local delivery: please refrigerate for longer shelflife once delivery arrives Warm in microwave for 30 seconds or 350* oven for 10 minutes for freshness.