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crazy good amazing stuff. the fact that there’s protein in so many of these treats, and they’re vegan and gluten free, you would never know when eating. available at a lot of our local kava bars and other locations, if you see green bites, you buy green bites!!!

Paula Rockwell
I was so incredibly happy that Greenbites Co showed up on my feed on Instagram. I have severe food allergies (no gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts) and I had bariatric surgery about 10 months ago so finding options that aren't sugar laden and have protein in them for me is daunting - especially things I can have as a treat. These protein bars and brownies are fantastic! I am loving the red velvet and the strawberry bars most of all. They do take a little while to get made and sent, but I totally get that a small owned business would bundle orders to save on resources and to provide the best product they can. I can build in the net carbs into my daily carb and calorie intake, and actually enjoy something that doesn't make me feel so isolated. Just a note - they freeze well too! Whether out the freezer or fridge, heat them for a little bit in the microwave (I do 14 seconds out of the fridge) and they will be gooey and moist and amazing!

Ann Health
I found Greenbites on Instagram on someone’s account… I thought they looked awesome and place my order. The website was easy to navigate, they gave a great discount, they came quickly and They did not disappoint!!!! My daughter and I are hooked. With 18 grams of plant based protein and cake taste. What is there not to love about them. Run dont walk to place your order you will be happy you did!!! Greenbites bringing down the house.. woot woot

Casi Vickery
I’ve been getting Green Bites for a while now, at vegan events, Urban Buzz, Downtown Bonita coffee shop- wherever I can get my hands on them! They are soo good! I have yet to find a flavor I don’t like. I finally ordered a box from their website and they were quickly delivered to my doorstep within a day. They will not last long. A healthier, delicious way to satisfy my sweet tooth 😋😋

Jen Gorbutt
These are delicious! If you are not local, please be aware that your order might take a couple of weeks but I absolutely promise you it’s worth the wait. My goodies were well packaged in a beautiful box that was hard to throw out. Everything was fresh and tightly sealed. Website states that their products stay fresh for two weeks at room temp and up to two months refrigerated. I had a rather large order so I put mine in the fridge. It didn’t change the texture or taste of anything. So far everything I’ve tried is absolutely phenomenal. I will definitely be ordering again.

Valery Gonzalez
I have 0 complaints, it took longer to come in than I thought but it honestly didn’t even matter for how good this stuff tasted- you don’t taste the protein at all their cinnamon rolls taste like normal ones and the macros are literally insane. 10/10 loved it

Tyra Edouard
I was told about this company before from Athletica but it wasn't until my coworker, Nicole B. had her order delivered at work. Right then and there, I tried and fell in love with their Red Velvet Protein Pack - I was hooked and placed my own order that same day. Shoutout to the owner G for his diligence and amazing customer service.

Nicole Bush
The best "fitness" snacks on the planet. G is the nicest and most thoughtful business owner; he is super personable and always gives the customers his best. With around 20 grams of protein in the Protein Packs and full of flavor, they are unbeatable. I am obsessed. Use code #NICOLE for free shipping!!

Laura Manos
I received a package in the mail for Mother’s Day and my first impression was that they looked too good to taste good. I have sampled a cookie and two snack bars, so far, and the taste was to die for! So moist and flavorful! I highly recommend your delicious baked goods to those on a restricted diet and to those, like me, who are not on a special diet!

Quentilla Alton
I have ordered from Green Bites SOOO many times and I will continue ordering monthly! Everything is so delicious and it's awesome to finally have found vegan sweets that are high in protein.
I lift weights 5 days a week and am always chasing those gains, so these goodies offer a sweet treat alongside plenty of plant-based protein to fuel my muscle growth.
The prices are great too and they often have sales or other discount codes to help save a fee bucks.
The only downside is that it does take a bit of time to ship out to you. So, if you want to keep them in stock, I'd advise ordering more when you're about halfway through your current stash.
Give them a try, you won't be disappointed! The Columbian coffee cake and the cinnamon rolls are my absolute favorites!